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TCA Connection

pre k colorado springsOk, so what’s the connection with TCA?  Mary and Jim were the original founders of The Classical Academy.  Therefore, much of the philosophy for TCA overlaps with the philosophy for Preschool Partners.   We designed our pre-reading program to prepare for TCA, although it is great preparation for any phonemic-based reading program.   Our writing program is based on what TCA is currently using.

However, we want to be very clear on this point:  Preschool Partners is totally independent of TCA.  Attendance here will in no way impact your standing on the TCA wait list.  TCA is part of District 20 (D20), whereas this is a totally private, Christian preschool.

Your child does not need to be headed to TCA to be part of our program.

Preschool Partners Model

modelBy equipping you with information and training, we believe the program will benefit you and your family both now and in the years to come. You will receive 30 minutes of training each week just before or after normal class time with a small group of other parents. By helping you learn more about recent research regarding child development and how we are implementing these findings, you will be equipped with ideas and methods to facilitate your child’s future success.

Guided Exposure

We believe that the focus of preschool needs to be on stimulating creativity, imagination and brain development. This can be accomplished in fun ways that provide many opportunities to explore, and exposes your child to very rich content without academic pressure. We capitalize on their natural curiosity so they have fun, but also grow and learn.

colorado springs preschool programAt this age, children are little sponges. They are very eager to learn. My guess is that you may violently agree with that sentence! They are EAGER to learn, and it can be exhausting trying to keep up with their needs. It’s hard for one set of parents to provide the variety they love, and put in the preparation to teach about every topic under the sun!

But you also wonder if they are ready for a “classroom”. After all, these are very little people we are talking about. Personally, I don’t like the word classroom very much — it sounds very sterile. That’s why we hold the informational meetings. While it’s important to have good goals and ideas, implementation is also critical. The only way you can really get a feel for our program is to attend a meeting.

Informational Meeting

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