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Play With A Purpose

Play with a PurposeStudies show that imagination and creativity are adversely impacted by formal education because of its focus on convergent rather than divergent thinking. Out of necessity, a quality elementary school will need to teach students information that requires students to respond with the correct answer (convergent thinking). Knowing the elementary years are quickly approaching, you can mitigate the damage with creativity enhancing activities and questioning which will lead to many possible responses (divergent thinking). Your child’s day will be filled with fun, game-like activities which will enhance your child’s brain integration, creativity, phonemic awareness, and school readiness using art, music, motor activities, and get-dirty experiences; play with a purpose.

Communication By Design

In order for you and your child to get the most out of the preschool experience, the teacher and the parent need to talk – a lot! A traditional “open door” policy does not provide enough interaction, We want to build a weekly meeting into the fabric of our program so that you can understand what we are doing, why, and how your child is responding to the class and his/her classmate. We also want to be very aware of your special concerns and objectives, and pass along the information and training needed to allow you to implement elements of our program on your own. Only built-in times for meetings can make these goals realistic.

Content Without Pressure

Preschool Curriculum | Picture of the children re-enacting the Boston Tea Party

Reenacting the Boston Tea Party

Our goal is to stimulate curiosity through exposure to history, science, and other rich content. However, we believe that evaluating children at this young age creates pressure. In contrast to other schools that may be academically focused, we will invite your child to explore a wide array of subjects in a fun, interactive style without assessing the child’s retention of the material. We will be encouraging divergent and expansive thinking, and stimulating their natural fascination with their world using hands-on activities.

Informational Meeting

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